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I Bid You Adieu ; Ibyeoreul Huimanghamnida ;이별을 희망합니다
Author: Yoon YeohUm

I died in an accident while I was chased by debt collectors. Then I transmigrated into the book The Fairy’s Garden, but why did I have to possess the villainess?! Aine le Peregrine, an infamous femme fatale was the villainess. Besides harassing the heroine, she also has a peculiar hobby of collecting beautiful men. But in the end, she died at the hands of the men she collected… No, I can’t die like this! Alright! Starting today, my goal is to say farewell. [spoiler]I need to safely break up with these men immediately! “The reason I came to the duchy today is not to break off the engagement, but to tell you I have no intention of breaking off the engagement.” … Why is this man acting like this? The Grand Duke who should be falling in love with the heroine does not want to break off our engagement.
Not only him, but the unfathomable Assassin King J and the wolf-man that brings out my motherly instinct, Shion… the more I try to get rid of them, the harder they stick onto me. Will she be able to safely break up with these three men and preserve her life?![/spoiler]