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You're All Dead if You Mess With My Brother / 내 동생 건들면 너희는 다 죽은 목숨이다 / I’ll Kill You All if You Mess With My Brother / If You Mess With My Brother, I Will Kill You / If You Touch My Brother, You're All Dead / 내 동 생 건들면 너희는 다 죽은 목숨이다

I became sixteen-year-old Rosalette. After falling out of bed and opening my eyes, I had possessed a character in ‘Asterion of the Blue, Starry Night’, a classic BL novel with over dramatization, tragedy, blind passion, and madness. Moreover, it’s the character Rosalette. Rosalette is the older sister to Asterion, the male lead who commits suicide when his life reaches a dead end. Following the flow of the story, when I reached the end, I returned to the point when I possessed sixteen-year-old Rosalette. Thinking that was the wrong answer, my brother was then raised beautifully, only to be killed by an outside factor and I returned again. I decided to change course. I decided to focus on myself and train. This also doesn’t seem to be it. I learned magic but returned. I had a party celebrating the completion of my magic tower graduation thesis, yet still returned. Endlessly returning to sixteen-year-old Rosalette Roxburgh, I am looking for a way to peacefully die.